How does Carrier Filtering work?

"There are no specific regulation standards for filtering messages to avoid spam, fraud and unwanted messages. Each carrier has their own way of doing it, and the providers, including Dexatel, can’t know how exactly filtering takes place by a Carrier. The goal is to detect any message that is in violation with Messaging Policy and Acceptable Use Policy.

Some examples include a simple static list of prohibited terms to advanced machine learning systems working in real time and preventing spammers from reverse engineering filtering systems. There are several precautions and protocols that you can take, to make sure smooth transfer of your messages:

  • Send messages only to preapproved numbers*
  • Make message clear and concise (i.e. avoid overly long, capitalized messages, strange links, hyperbole)
  • Refrain from offensive or aggressive language
  • Make sure the recipient has an easy and visible opt-out option
  • Refrain from sending too many messages
  • The recipient must give their permission first to receive messages from you*