Are there any legal (content) restrictions I might encounter?

There are some sensitive topics that have certain restrictions and here they are.

  • Politically-inclined organisations and Political parties.
  • Gambling, trade-online and casino businesses, bidding and lottery, forex companies, bitcoin, binary options.
  • Credit/loan services and pawn shops except the services that are offered by a registered financial institution such as banks and services which are endorsed by banks.
  • Sexual content and any other grown-up content.
  • Services that are associated with liquor and tobacco.
  • Services or businesses that are engaged in weapons and drug trade.
  • Online blogs or open portals without any surveillance over the published content.
  • Sites that allow distribution of user-created content.
  • Services concerning religions, including churches, temples, mosques etc.
  • Services associated to spirituality, such as tarot cards readings, astrological mapping,
  • Organizations that Viber considers as its rivals or competitors.