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How to start API Integration with Dexatel?

  • Create an account on our dashboard: https://dashboard.dexatel.com/register
  • Login to your account: https://dashboard.dexatel.com/login
  • Go to “APIs” on the left menu

  • Select “Add New Key”

A window will appear with a unique Token (e.g. 0a2cc36e31e3650becb3e1b78b016821)

  • Create a “Name”> Select “Create Token”

As soon as the Token is created, a connection is generated along with it that enables you to use our products directly from your website, without having to login to Dexatel’s dashboard. All you need to do is make sure that your website can support types of messaging or campaigns that you want to use.

  • Make sure to add your balance beforehand, the Token cannot be used otherwise.
  • Copy Token from your dashboard account

  • Go to “Documentation”

With each selected type of messaging, may it be a Quick SMS, Bulk SMS or Transactions, our API documentation provides you with a guide on implementation depending on the language used. You can use cURL, PHP or NodeJs.


  • Select a preferred language and input the necessary information
  • The cURL is the general base that can be used for the PHP and NodeJs to send the messages.
  • The process becomes automated and you get a notification that the SMS has been sent.
  • Dexatel receives notification in turn, that you have input the Token in one of the languages and thus our system identifies and transfers the information if the balance is available for the message to be sent.
  • As you complete the process, a Receipt is generated for each message or Bulk (depending on the type of message sent), which shows the initial status of the message and the ID code.

You can later use this ID to further check the status of the messages.

  • To check the status of the message, go to “Analytics”>Select “Requests” (screenshot 6)

Starting from here, if not earlier, the process must be implemented by a developer.