What is a Freeze Balance?

The Dexatel Platform is what's called an Open Portal, thanks to which anyone can sign up and use our products. While it gives the opportunity for anyone to sign, it also advances the probability of phishing and spams. So, we've decided to augment our security measures for our clients, to ensure them safe and secure services. Freeze Balance feature helps just with that. How this works:

  • When you top up your balance* for the first time it adds up to your balance in a freeze mode; meaning you can't use until we confirm that it's actually you who made the payment and it's not a stolen or phished purchase.
  • Our team receives the payment and checks the validity; we may acquire more information from you, if necessary:
  1. Reason for using our products
  2. Company details (if, applicable)
  3. Website
  4. Email address
  5. Texting type (campaign, bulk SMS, or other)
  6. The targeting country
  7. Sender ID
  8. Content
  • If the information checks and we confirm that it's not phishing or spam, we manually unfreeze the amount and add it to your balance. This process takes about 30 minutes, however, if the initial balance is added at night, it may take a bit longer than that. Our customer support works weekends as well, so your balance won't stay in the freeze mode for long.
This action is performed once with each new payment source to ensure the payment is legitimate. We take the security of our clients very seriously and spare no measures for the latter.