Will I be notified, if a message reaches or fails?

Yes, you can view the delivery report of all the messages you've sent. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Login to your account in the Dashboard https://dashboard.dexatel.com/login
  • Go to the Analytics section https://dashboard.dexatel.com/analytics
  • View the Status section of your messages in the Dashboard

We don’t charge for messages sent to invalid mobile numbers. If the country code or format is wrong our system will try to detect these faults and not allow them to be send to the network. The Dashboard will notify you of the faults. If the recipient number is wrong, we exclude the number, however, if the recipient number passes the system check, we won’t know, if it’s truly valid or not, so the system will submit the number to the network for delivery, hence you will be charged, because the messages will be sent to the network for delivery. If a message fails to be delivered, we retry to send the message for the second time for free. Some of the common reasons that a message fails are:

  • phone is out of signal
  • phone is switched off
  • recipient has account issue
  • recipient inbox is full
  • recipient number is roaming
  • carrier is blocking the SMS
  • local restrictions prohibit delivery
  • recipient number may be in “Do Not Disturb” list
  • carrier is experiencing technical difficulty